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The first project, our take on the bristlebot

Snapshot 1 (6-23-2014 5-37 PM)

So, the first thing we decided to try was a simple project to make bristlebots from toothbrush heads like this from  It’s simple, doesn’t require a bunch of materials, and is pretty quick to do. It got a little more complicated than that, but not too much, really. Instead of using a toothbrush head […]

Full of ideas. Where to begin?


We’ve got the best of intentions to learn new things and have a blast making stuff. So, where do we begin? We want to build amazingly cool robots that do wicked awesome stuff, but that’s just not realistic. He’s eleven years old and, even though I am a capable programmer, I work in marketing. We […]

What kind of summer are you having?

Danbo at the beach

Have you got kids home for summer vacation right about now? I know I do and they would likely be satisfied spending the next couple of months sprawled around the family room with television and tablets to occupy their eyeballs. But that wouldn’t be good parenting, now would it? What do responsible parents do? Maybe […]