Guess Who Had Fun At Maker Faire Rocklin 2015


We finally had an opportunity to attend our first Maker Faire last weekend. Maker Faire Rocklin held at Sierra College was close enough for us to make the trip. This was the first Maker Faire in the Sacramento area and it did not disappoint. As we walked into the faire, we watched a multi-person bicycle that looked like a giant eagle sculpture riding around the parking lot. That was a sure sign we were in the right place.

mfrocklin2015-battlebots2 mfrocklin2015-battlebots3 mfrocklin2015-battlebots1
Our first stop was the battle bots from RoboGames. Those are some heavy duty machines! We met and talked with Matt Maxham from Team Plumb Crazy. He explained some of the redundancy built into the bots and how he practices driving them by disabling different wheel combinations so he will know how to drive it under those conditions. Can't wait for the next season. We'll be rooting for the TPCbots, of course.

Next we wandered out to the lawn to fire off a trebuchet a few times. That's right! I said a trebuchet. It was a small demonstration rig to let people try it out. There was a much bigger one launching watermelons farther down the field. Awesome!!! The group there was promoting an upcoming competition and encouraging people to make their own and join in the fun. Should we? Well…nah, we're building enough already, but maybe we'll go watch.

mfrocklin2015-bender1 mfrocklin2015-bender3 mfrocklin2015-bender2
We had our picture taken on the “red carpet” and entered a drawing for a 3D printer. Then we made Bender Bots to toss for distance. They had to hold on to their bolts when they hit the ground. Alex had the top distance for his age category for awhile.

We checked out cool projects made in the Hacker Lab at Sierra College. If only it were closer to home… We played with more cool robots that drew like a spirograph, followed lines, and avoided collisions. We saw an enormous LED cube! It was all pretty cool and inspired us with more ideas for our own projects. Thanks, Maker Faire Rocklin!

mfrocklin2015-trebuchet mfrocklin2015-hackerlab mfrocklin2015-bernoulli

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